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Information for Parents

Parents have an important role to play in raising a new generation of critical young media consumers.

As a parent, it can be difficult to level with your child about a topic that you often experience in very different ways. Through different preferences in media platforms – social versus traditional media –, but also because parents and youths do not share the same experience of growing up in an online world where disinformation and conspiracy theories can quickly go viral.


By opening up the conversation about young people and media, Under Pressure aims to support both educational professionals inside the classroom as well as parents at home. The programme operates as an ice breaker: the topic is introduced by peer educators, young people who share a frame of reference when discussing media behavior and the risks of (spreading) disinformation with students.


Continuing the conversation

It is crucial that educators and parents continue to engage with young people about responsible media behavior after Under Pressure. How? You can start by having an open and honest conversation with your child about their experiences with (online) media, as well as your own. All media consumers, young and old, need to keep working at their resiliency to disinformation. Under Pressure offers the tools to do so. On our blog we will post articles about the role of parents in supporting their children in media literacy.

We’ve gathered a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about Under Pressure as a parent:


Disinformation: what’s the problem?
Why media literacy?
The Under Pressure approach
Tips and tricks for discussing media literacy with your child

For a concise summary of the Under Pressure programme see:

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