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Getting started with Under Pressure is easy! On this page you can find all open-source course materials so you can start an open conversation about disinformation today.

How do you find common ground when discussions are no longer possible and people turn away from one another? We believe that the answer lies in a thorough education. Under Pressure introduces students to the techniques behind disinformation. The course is based on the latest academic findings in the field of disinformation and behavioural psychology, and harnassess the power of peer education to create a meaningful and effective methodology.


Peer education is one of the main pillars in Under Pressure. But even without access to a specially trained peer educator, you can use the Under Pressure methodology to start an important conversation about disinformation. You can play the game on this page, and use the materials linked below to kickstart the discussion.


Materials to get the conversation going

Dialogue tools for educators

Dialogue tools for parents

Under Pressure Game manual


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Can you handle the pressure of being the bad guy? Play the Under Pressure game here and find out.

What Is This?


On this page we’ve collected all open source materials that were developed within the scope of this project. In the Under Pressure programme, students play the game in pairs, compete against their classmates and discuss findings with their peers. Although we cannot offer you a virtual teammember or online classmates to beat, you can play the game in single-player mode here to get a taste of the real thing.


The full Under Pressure programme consists of a multiple lesson course taught by specially trained peer educators to enhance the learning experience. This unique feature of Under Pressure cannot be replicated in an online setting. Curious to know more about why we bellieve peer education is the best approach to start a dialogue on disinformation? Read more here.



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