What is peer education?

By inviting peer educators into the classroom we start an important conversation based on equality.

Peer educators are uniquely equipped to bridge the gap between teacher and student. The essence of peer education lies in inviting (young) role models into the classroom to start a dialogue with students in an informal educational setting. Peer educators can offer a moderate voice in often heated debates, while acknowledging possible frustrations and  circumstances specific to the age group.


The programme has a strong focus on exchanging experiences instead of purely transferring knowledge. Our peer educators will not shy away from confrontation when discussions get heated. They diffuse tense situations by sharing their own personal experiences and asking questions instead. This makes Under Pressure a powerful and effective intervention against disinformation and polarisation.


Young Leadership

Another advantage of inviting young role models into an educational environment, is that it stimulates young leadership. Young people are often regarded exclusively as a target audience, instead of as a key partner. Programmes aimed at strengthening resilience in young people, rarely include an active role for members of that target audience itself. We see the potential in young people and acknowledge that given the right circumstances, role models from sometimes vulnerable backgrounds can be leading in the prevention of polarisation.

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