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Information for Educators

Navigating the field of disinformation as an educator can be a daunting task.

How do you deal with clashing worldviews in the classroom? Fake news, conspiracy theories, “alternative facts” and a refusal to believe anything the “mainstream media” write are some of the most difficult problems educators face. Taking on the discussion to challenge students’ worldviews can be a frustrating effort. Especially when those worldviews are based on false information.


Young people are increasingly exposed to viral disinformation. At the same time, they are growing frustrated with traditional media, which they perceive as biased and spreading lies and exaggerations. This fosters mistrust and disconnects them from society and each other, leaving them vulnerable to polarisation.



Provide students with the right tools to recognize disinformation themselves.

How do you find common ground when discussions are no longer possible and people turn away from one another? We believe that the answer lies in a thorough education. Instead of telling students what is factual information and what is false, Under Pressure introduces them to the techniques behind disinformation that make it so successful. This provides them with the right tools to recognize disinformation themselves and resist it. An empowering method to combat the effects of false information in the classroom and beyond.

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