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Under Pressure Training for Facilitators by AEGEE – Part 3

Read all about AEGEEs final day training their non-formal education experts in using the Under Pressure methodology.

Day 3


The third and last day of the training event started with a second session on storytelling. This time, the participants were invited to share their own personal stories. These stories addressed challenges that young people may encounter when communicating with their family members about disputed topics and inaccurate information in the news, but also pointed out the pressure and responsibility that come with being considered as a point of reference by peers. The participants’ stories also fed into a discussion on the need to encourage critical thinking from a young age while keeping in mind that questioning the world when very young can bring a lot of uncertainty and can even potentially lead to an existential crisis, hence the necessity to be mindful when doing so.


Following this insightful storytelling session, the participants were ready for the final step of their training experience: practice using and applying the Under Pressure methodology themselves. After some useful reminders from the trainers on how to build quality sessions using non-formal education methods, the participants were divided into small groups and given some time to prepare sessions taking into account what they had experienced and learnt throughout the training. They then took on the role of facilitators and conducted their sessions involving the other groups as participants. Finally, the participants gave feedback to each other, and could also count on valuable feedback from the trainers.


This last day of training was concluded with a final evaluation of the 3-day event itself. The quality of the training and the relevance of the content were highlighted. The participants also pointed out that they particularly appreciated the interactive and practical elements of the training event.


What’s next?


Following this training event, the adapted Under Pressure methodology will be finalised by the trainers and made available for further use. Stay tuned to be informed about its release! Our newly trained volunteers are also ready to take their facilitation experience to the next level and to support the battle against disinformation and polarisation while spreading the Under Pressure methodology in their communities.


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Author: Marie-Céline Falisse