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You are growing up in a world dominated by a seemingly never-ending newsfeed.

Online content is produced and shared by countless sources, including both journalists and your own family members. This makes it even more difficult to separate reliable sources from fake news. How do you check the reliability of a source you come across on Facebook or Instagram? Why does this matter? What is the harm in conspiracy theories or being presented with personalized content based on your online behavior?

Under Pressure gives you the answers to these questions! During the programme, peer educators, fellow young people who have themselves experienced the dangers of (re)posting, scrolling and clicking without aim, will engage in an open conversation with you and your classmates about responsible media use. Under Pressure teaches you how to better recognize disinformation with a  fun ‘serious game,’ where you find out who among your classmates is the best at creating and spreading fake news. Once you find out the tricks of making up untrue but powerful stories and theories, you will be able to better recognize these in the real world, too! After Under Pressure, you will be able to think more critically about the ways (online) media can affect you.

Do you know how to spot fake news? Read our tips and tricks for recognising disinformation!

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