What is serious gaming?

Playing a game on your phone and learning at the same time. It almost sounds too good to be true. We believe that serious gaming is of added value in the classroom.

The Under Pressure game is based on the principles of inoculation theory, which has its roots in social psychology. This theory states that people are able to build up a resistance against false or misleading information by being presented with a weakened version of a misleading argument before being exposed to the “real” information. You can see this as giving people a kind of “vaccine” against misleading information. If you can recognize it, you can resist it.



Through playing the Under Pressure disinformation game students gradually gain more knowledge about the techniques and strategies that make disinformation so successful. We don’t tell students what news is fake and what is real, we let them experience it firsthand.


Can’t get enough? Read all about our evidence-based approach here!

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