Covid Measures

COVID-19 has forced schools to drastically change the way they teach. This has some implications for us as well.

Disinformation has never been more visible than during the ongoing pandemic. Especially now that disinformation can have a serious impact on your health or that of loved ones, the message that Under Pressure conveys has come all the more relevant and urgent.


Due to the ongoing global pandemic, our peer educators temporarily cannot physically visit schools and communities. We are working hard to combat this problem by adapting Under Pressure into a fully online course, so that we can help students navigate the online information landscape when it matters the most.


As Under Pressure is available in different European countries, rules and regulations regarding COVID measures in education may vary. To get the most up to date information on how and when we can return to schools, please contact us at info@getunderpressure.comĀ 


Want to know more about disinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic? Read our blogpost here!

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