Evaluating a New Programme

Under Pressure is an evidence-based programme, rooted in the latest academic findings in the field of disinformation.

To make sure that the Under Pressure methodology achieves the best possible results, it is closely monitored by dr. Thomas Nygren from Uppsala University. In late 2019, the Under Pressure pilot was completed successfully, after being taught in 34 classes from different highschools and vocational education facilities in The Netherlands.


To properly evaluate the programme, students were asked to take part in a survey where they had to rate their ability to spot disinformation and describe their general media literacy skills before and after the programme.


The conclusions of the pilot study are of course still tentative, but appear to be positive: students stated they have become a bit more sceptical about online media, and that they intend to  look more for credible information in the future.  Furthermore, students indicated that after the programme they had a more positive attitude towards important democratic values such as freedom of speech and freedom of press.

Read the full preliminary report here.